Welcome to The Basking Ridge Carpet Cleaners

We at Basking Ridge Carpet Cleaners New Jersey happen to have a team of professionally trained and highly qualified individuals thriving in both industrial and commercial cleaning services. Bringing into use environment-friendly products, we ensure safe to use products for cleaning.
Basking Ridge Carpet Cleaners offer a wide range of cleaning services in New Jersey:


Mattress Cleaning

Mattress cleaning is also another overlook chore in most homes. You probably feel that since you use mattresses covers and vacuum your mattresses

Water Damage Repair

Unresolved water damage can costs thousands upon thousands of dollars in home repairs, replacement of possessions and even medical bills

Cleaning at Your Convenience

We not only provide a variety of different cleaning services to our customers we also do our best to provide our carpet and cleaning services at a time that is convenient for you, which is why we keep extended cleaning hours from 8 am to 8 pm. We also provide same day cleaning services for those unexpected carpet or upholstery cleaning emergencies or for those unexpected breaks in your schedule you want to take advantage of as they occur so rarely.

What Makes Our Cleaning Services Stand Out

We know that every carpet cleaning service claims that their services are the very best, so instead of us making that claim we will tell you what our services stand out.
State of the Art Equipment- We believe that our customers deserve the very best which is why we only use state of the art equipment when cleaning your carpeting, area rugs, and upholstery. Our state of the art equipment is especially designed to deep clean your carpeting removing dirt, stains, odors and bacteria.

Trained Cleaning Technicians- Many carpet cleaning services hire cleaning technicians and spend a few minutes to a couple of hours showing them how the equipment work and how to sell their services. Here at Tribeca Carpet Cleaning we spend all the time we need to see that our cleaning technicians are well trained in all aspects of carpet cleaning.

Organic Carpet Cleaning- We won’t user any cleaning products in our homes that are toxic to our children and pets and we won’t use those types of cleaners in your home either. Instead we use only organic carpet cleaning products that are tough on dirt, stains and odors and gentle on your carpet fibers. In addition our organic carpet cleaners are safer for your family than those toxic chemical cleaners.

Try Our Free Consultation

We know it can be difficult to have strangers come into your home even if they are providing services, which is why we offer all of our potential customers a free consultation. During this consultation you will learn more about us and our company our carpet cleaning equipment and cleaning products. In addition you will have the opportunity to ask any questions, have any of your concerns addressed and even get a free estimate for our services for your specific needs. Then once you have had your free consultation you can decide whether or not our services are right for you. To learn more about our different services please feel free to take a few minutes to view our website. To schedule a free cleaning appointment or consultation give us a call at (347) 345-0030 or talk to our online representative right here on our website.

We know that every carpet cleaning service claims that their services are the very best, so instead of us making that claim we will tell you what our services stand out.